With the Fit-In Packages you get the ultimate assistance in weight loss & nutritional wellbeing. You will get Combo-cut, our hyper tone Fat Burner. It contains, a popular weight loss supplement shown in peer reviews to increase satiety or the feeling of fullness. Caffeine is well researched to support improvement in short term energy levels which assist you in making the best of your exercise routine, to further fuel healthy weight loss. We further support you with Enhance, our dynamic fat loss support has been designed to support your weight loss during healthy lifestyle changes that include an energy-controlled diet and regular exercise. We want your nutrition to be at its peak and your immune system to be boosted during your lifestyle change and you will have Sustenance, our premium high protein low carb food supplement. This is a must have for all those individuals that have a busy lifestyle whilst maintaining excellent nutrition as well as maintaining your skeletal muscle mass. Repair Control compliments the program by repairing and maintaining your body’s well-being, assisting with cell growth and rejuvenating your body, whilst you are in REM Sleep.