With the Fit-in Intestinal Health package you are getting the best intestinal care around. You will get the following natural products:
Detox which will cleanse as it works through your intestines allowing them to absorb all the vital nutrients needed for optimal health.
Mini Me a natural diuretic that helps relieve water retention and eases bloating.
Gastro Flora Each capsule provides 12 strains of live microorganisms with 12 billion cfu’s per dose, which is also suitable for vegetarians. Taking a broad spectrum probiotics supplement helps to restore the balance of these good bacteria, promoting a healthy and functioning digestive system. Fit-In Gastro-Flora is ideal to top up good bacteria every day.
We want your nutrition to be at its peak and your immune system to be boosted during your lifestyle change and you will have Sustenance our premium high protein low carb food supplement. This is a must have for all those individuals that have a busy lifestyle giving you excellent nutrition as well as maintaining your skeletal muscle mass.